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A poll on tournaments

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I picked neutral.  I personally like getting out and fishing in derbies once in awhile.  They are fun.  However, I do believe that derbies could hurt a body of water if not managed properly.

Bartel Rd. Bait & Tackle:
I'm a tournament nut open or iced water
I feel it's up to the entity that put's on the tournament to set rules that protect the resource

a perfect example of this was last year I fished the super trap attack at silver lake
each team was allowed 8 bluegills and 7 perch
they had to be alive at weigh in as you culled you replaced smaller fish
this is responsible tournament management
all of the fish I weighed went back alive.
So please don't look badly on the tournament genre itself just on irresponsible management


    I like to fish in one each year on a lake I like to fish,  its great to see other people out, and new ice fishermen as well.     
     Sure it can do a damage to the fish population, but coming from a  fisheries view fish are a lot more hardy and adaptable then a lot of people realize, with the increased pressure the fish will either move out or not bite as well, or be caught.     
      Catching and keeping the fish doesnt bother me because what me and my family keep we eat.     
      So far it sounds like I am pretty for tournaments right?    Well it isnt the atuall fishing that bothers me its the other people sometimes.     Me and my family will put out 10-15 tip-ups and try not to take up too much space, there is plenty of other room for fishermen.     But we will have a person come in and start jigging 5 or 10 feet from a tip-up, and that is irritating, and that tip-up never went off that day go figure  ???     
     I can deal with that thats okay though some people dont know what they are quite doing yet and tended to be new to ice fishing it looked like.   
      What really really bothers me the most in tournaments is the cheaters, the ones who say, shove some tip-up depth finders down a trouts mouth, to add weight to win.   It saddens me greatly to hear about people who cheat.  Is that money really going to feel right when you won it unfairly?   or are people that un-ethical and un-moral nowadays?       
      If tournaments would just go by length and not weight it would fix a lot of the problems, sure a winning fish may be lighter then the 2nd place fish but then you could not really cheat and win.   Tournaments like the one on here, which I am signed up for, are great ideas, they allow for C&R if people want to and would make it darn hard for someone to cheat in.   

To many cheaters out me against


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