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A poll on tournaments

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I was wondering if anyone knows how to set up a poll for this site. The question I was going to ask was..... What are your feelings about ice fishing tournaments?
1. Are you for tournaments (they have no effect on the lake)  ;D
2. Are you against tournaments (kill too many fish)  >:(
3. Neutral (not sure of the effects)  ???

personally im neutral, theres good, bad, and ugly to everything :tipup:

Ask and you shall receive! ;)2 Just keep it clean boy! No shots below the belt! :whistle: And I am sure this one will either wind up in the GOMS or will need to be deleted but lets try it anyway! :unsure:

you the man bussman

I agree this could get ugly but I hope people people can control themselves. Keeping my fingers crossed.  :-\


I choose neutral, because it really depends upon the lake and species. A panfish tourney on a overpopulated lake is a good thing, but if you go after say, Lake Trout on a lake where they are borderline threatened as it is, you will be placing a negative effect on the lake's ecosystem.


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