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First of the year


Went to a small place last evening for the first time this yeaR!!!!!   about 2.5-3 inches of ice and had a blast... only got one pickerel about 15 inches and 4 really small gills!!! on the ice on DECEMBER 8!!! AWESOME

That's awesome ReubanPa

I'm jealous..  I can't go til Sunday and then I'm not sure there'll be enough ice.
tomorrow I'm taking my flinchlock out and gonna try to flatten a doe.. 
last day for pA!   then it's all ice ice ice..  ahh ya gotta just love ths time of year. 

congrats rueben, we are getting too much snow for safe ice right now but next weekend ;D

Good for you, Reub.
I'm still on the waiting list with Arch.


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