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Any ice nar WNY yet??

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Its got to be getting close maybe this weekend?  Hopefully by next weekend?  Man Loon Lake should be iced over and safe real soon with these temps.  How is Silver Lake looking?  Any ice on her yet?  I'm getting really impatient waiting for safe ice.  i have the week before christmas off of work and i hope i can or actually I hope there is ice to fish on by then?  Any reports out there yet?

I don't know about Loon. Last I heard there is no longer public access.
Forget about Silver for a couple weeks. There's too much wind.
Keep your eye on the reports.
Some small lakes in the higher elevations are looking good.

What happened to laf-o-lot, the bar?  Did it close down?  If it did I got a place to get on no-matter what.  I lived down there for the first 19 years of my life.  I'll have to call some friends and have them check out the ice conditions for all of us.  i know Loon will be froze with safe ice soon, like a week week and a half as long as the weather satys cold like the weather men say it is.


--- Quote from: fishincrazy on Dec 05, 2005, 04:46 PM ---What happened to laf-o-lot, the bar? 
--- End quote ---

Apparently the owner grew a big stick where the sun doesn't shine and won't allow people to park there. If you can get access for a few members that would be great!

we are fishing harwood this weekend, it has 3" now and should be good and solid by saturday :tipup:

dangit, someone with extra seat in there shanty better show lol kellie wont let me open my stuff til christmas :'(


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