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New to CNY looking for places to ice fish

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I just moved up to CNY from southern Orange County and am looking for some places.  Not really familiar with the area so I need all the help in the world.  Thanks

where in CNY  it might help alittle and also how far do you or can u travel from your new home town?

Where do you live? Are you in Syracuse? There are so many places to cut a hole around here you could fish a different one every weekend all winter long!! Certain ones are safe befor others as well, let me know where your at and I'll point...

I'm in Syracuse now i don't mind traveling at all to get a nice meal.

Well you got Oneida lake right there, the largest lake within the confinds of NYS.  Perch and Walleyes are the two big catches there.  Plenty of access all the way around the lake.
Also close by:
-Casanovia Lake (South/East)
-Sandy Pond (North up 81)
-Finger Lakes to your West. Otisco, Skaneateles and Owasco are the closest three.


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