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im gona try it

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Thanks guys just finished our deer season Sunday with 12 big nannys and a couple yearlings took two for canning.  We had a cold snap like no other Saturday and if its got more than 15 degrees since Friday night then I was already too cold to notice I will be fishing Friday morning sun up till noonish and I'll hopefully have some pics of nice ice cats thanks again

Welp tried it caught 3 the big one was 2 1/2lbs best part about it was I had a buddy with that was a first timer and hes wanting to go back tonight! Other good note is I made an automatic fisherman with help from some postings on here and it caught 2 of the 3 so I was happy I ended up just using crawlers on a #8 octopus with a split shot on top having the camera wasn't that usefull but my buddys eyes when the first cats came through was worth having it along


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