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im gona try it

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last year in the search for big bull bluegill we tried out a park pond not far from the house fished it for 20 minutes and caught half a dozen dink blue'gs and 2 cats the big one was almost 4lbs and the little guy was about 3lbs.  the pond is only an acre and a half and its a big horseshoe for the most part there's a big hill on the north side leading down to it and 20ft out from that is the deep water about 18'.  my question is whats the best way to go about it we had waxies and were jigging last time which we will be doing but i was gona put out two tip ups and i didnt want to load them with waxies because of all the little blue'gs swimming around thought about shrimp or cheese or hotdogs what do you think what should i do

A piece of chicken liver on a glow jig hung under a bobber.

Crawlers, minnows, a piece of chunk bait,  or one of those gills and go for the big cat!!!  ;D

I live on the Delaware river some of the eddies freeze over I get cats on worms and fresh cut bait rock bass, gills, pike shiners cut keep it fresh

catch half a dozen small gills and fillet 'em out. i've found that the best bait for catfish is fresh cutbait, and the best cutbait is the most common forage that the cats have. in your case, bluegills. the head will catch a fish too, so don't toss it.

as for rigging, i suggest a heavy jig and then tie a short leader a foot or two above it and tie on a wide-gap hook. size 2 would probably work. (my catfish are smaller, so use what you feel comfortable with). this rig will let you try two different baits as well as two different depths. check your local regs first though, some places limit the number of hooks per line.


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