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Here is my Catfish Bait Rig made from a coat hanger.


Here is the catfish bait rig made from a coat hanger I have been using for nearly 40 years.
It works on cut or whole bait You can also run the line through live bait with it in front of dorsal and out the back of dorsel.

I've had one a long time with mine made out of a brass rod just a tad thicker than the coat hanger.  The hook you have is a good idea but I do mine backwards of yours with the hacksaw cut in the middle of the end with the line put in it and the other end held up against the handle.  Good info if no ones seen it before.

Sorry I havn't been on here this summer. I have had brass rod like you describe in the basement and never got it made. I'll do that. Be better than the coat hanger so it wouldn't rust.


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