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Call the cops on that one!

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It's mid season I am up on a northern wisconsin lake with a few friends fishing walleyes at night. Everything is going my way this is my second eye of the night. The gang is still on my side with this one, but after the everyone is skunked and I catch my 3rd eye of the evening the group starts to turn on  My buddy Brian does a real good play by play narration with this one.  :tipup:

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In Wisconsin were allowed 3 lines, I generally fish with two tip-ups out and jiggin with the other. When we fish with large groups in perm shanty we usually just put out tipups sit in the shack play cards and have a good ol time.

The thing about a camera is the jinx it brings and you never seem to have it along when you really have something kewl to record.


--- Quote from: slipbob on Oct 20, 2005, 08:55 AM ---Nice one.  Do you guys jig for eyes or just use tipups or both?  Great video.  Man, that makes me want to get a camcorder. 

--- End quote ---

so true abut the cameras guys! everytime i brought it striperfishing it was schooley central...leave it home and youll find bigger fish LOL...Great video Scott

awesome video, I love that night time walleye on tipups, great job with the camera. WTG, thanks for sharing a great caught.  ;D

That is sweet video.  You are getting my ice fishing well primed.    ;)


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