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Where to look?

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Do a quick search online. Try wording it a couple of ways untill you hit. Otherwise, go to the lake you know best and hit the deepest holes you know of.

 Look for drop offs.

i haven't done much catfishing through the ice yet, but the biggest helpful hint i've found is to find the primary small fish in the lake, and use that as bait. for my cats in southern Idaho, nothing can beat fillets from small green sunfish or bluegill. for bigger cats, the leftover head is a great bait.

be sure your bait is dead before using it, there used to be a clause that said you can use live minnows if they were from the body of water you're fishing and you had collected them that day, but that got written out in the most recent fishing regs.

I've had very good success fishing in creek channels at the mouth of bays on my local reservoir.

You could do a search of your states fish and wildlife management website or make some calls  to determine what bodies of water have dense populations of channel cats. Might wanna try starting a thread on the Idaho page too. Good luck.


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