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Had to throw this up here - Ohio Cat

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Team Robinson:

The other half of Team Robinson with her personal best Flathead catfish. We didn't have a scale but we taped it at 62" and the state estimate we received was 82#.
I personal think it was closer to the low 70's but whatever it was... it was a battle on 30# test with a medium action abu garcia rod  ;D

addicted to ice fishing:
Awesome cat! Congrats!  Must have been a great battle.

Being an ol' school flathead cat man myself, nice one!  :tipup:

Team Robinson:

--- Quote from: Old Goat on Nov 27, 2012, 05:11 PM ---It's Huge Did slow run or fast and if not right away how did you get it to come up off the bottom

--- End quote ---

As soon as she set the hook it took off like it had a jet pack ;D  Obviously it didnt spool her but for a few seconds I was expecting it.
It seemed like it stayed about 3-5' down all the time (caught on a live sun fish under a bobber) and never did head for the depths. Had to wade in and land it by hand because we were fishing a rip rap and it would have cut her off if it would have gotten into those rocks... More than likely.

That's a fish? Looks like a pig to me...congrats


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