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how to find the cats in big resivoir


mark d.:
hey guys just moved to west wy and I'm fishing flaming gorge. the lake is big and the state record cat came out of it.the thing is every one i talk to has never heard of any one catching a cat out of the ice.there are some hard core burbot fisherman out there and the main bait is sucker meat real close to bottom and every catfish i have caught would at least bite this some there any spots to think about fishing for them i have tried deep holes sand flat and deep back coves and no luck yet.

Try fishing the same locations that you might catch walleyes at. Take ATV, 2 anglers, drill 50 holes per spot in a grid,  and if you don't mark any fish move to another spot. Continue to "ice troll" for the whole day. We have drilled upwards of 200 holes on Glendo in a day. It's not hard to figure out where Trogdor, 3lungs, and I had been fishing. During certain times of the season we would mark many fish, but could not get them to bite anything. You will run into that for certain.


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