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cooking with mr.buddy heater

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The one I did for my Big Buddy (posted already) worked great last season. Now just need to make another one to fit the smaller Mr. Buddy I picked up this summer.

I tried reheating pizza on my big buddy yesterday,. Didn't seem to heat well,. Had foil on my rack with pizza on that.  After 10 mins the pizza was still cold,. What was I doing wrong?   Couple slices were hot on bottom but not top so tried some foil covering them also, still cold?  What are some better techniques to use?  Will try the little foil pans next time.

do it all the time always wrap up my leftover pizza and make it piping hot on the buddie heater!!! mmm

This is what I use to cook on now.  I did the heater mod and I spilled soup in the element and it was done had to buy a new one to replace it. The buner was only 16 bucks . Just be careful that you dont get food in the element


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