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cooking with mr.buddy heater

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I've wanted a way to heat up a cold sandwich or drink with my Mr. Buddy heater and tonight I think I found away. $4 dollars for a flat spit basket in the grilling section of local home improvement store.

Using aluminum foil to contain drips while cooking with your Mr. Buddy Heater is a good idea.  :)
Letting the aluminum foil come in contact with the plastic handle is a bad idea.  :(
I now have a slightly modified/melted handle and am headed back to the R&D department for improvement.

Pretty sweet man! I was hoping for something like this; as I was out yesterday and had to resort to just laying my grilled cheese sandwich right on the red part up there. Got a bit of melted cheese on the front grate. Doh!

had a pair of needle nose pilers frezze on me so i jammed em in the girl a few minutes later they sizzled when i touched em to snow ... so it should work good to make grilled cheese lol

I thought the grill approach might keep everything a little cleaner. Probably still use foil to contain any drips.

Hardwater Problem:
i have the big buddy heater, and i just lay the dogs right across the top two grates...  it is a little different from the regular buddy.  Have also made my own grate from coat hangers for the coffee pot. 


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