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Lake Francis Tournament


I was wondering if anybody went to the Lake Francis Tourny, and how things went. :'(

I went for it.  It was a beautiful day for fishing.  And they had a great turnout.  The guy running the show said that they had 500 paid entries.  Over where I was there wasn't much for northern action, but the perch were hitting really good.  In fact I got 2nd in the combanation of 3 perch catagory.  I lost my .01 of an ounce.............dang it, I should have cut off a couple of hooks rather than taking them out.  lol.  But we kept 18 really nice perch, 5 of them over a pound.  And 6 northerns none of them over 4 pounds.  but get this there were so many extra contestents that they raised the prizes for the northerns.  First place was 1200 bucks, and it got won by a guy with a northern just over 7 pounds.  WOW.  I'm definently going back next year for it.  How about you?


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