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Looks like next week the weather is changing and more ice making weather is on its was, still some highs in the daylight hours but getting colder at night, might be a year I get out around thanksgiving again if it does not warm up again in November like last year.  Anyone else looking at their gear and getting ready, just need to get the minnows on order and get the tanks ready again for another year since trapping has been bad again this year and all the canals got hit hard.

23right now in southwest wy. Bring on the ice.

Single digits Friday and Saturday mornings, after 3 weeks of T-shirt conditions—weather whiplash🤣.

I killed my elk when it was perfect open water fishing weather, now it’s elk hunting weather oh well.  Let’s hope for a colder December this year, last year sucked!!!  Starting to switch over the gear, not putting the boat away just yet…

"Weather whipslash"....I like that, gotta remember it!  ;D

We've gone from 78° to 30° here...48° difference.  :wacko:

We went from summer to fall overnight last weekend.


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