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It finally happened - certifiable GIANT lake trout

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Well this is it. This is the one I’ve been chasing. It’s always a bittersweet feeling when that moment finally happens. Pure elation followed by almost a sadness of “what now” when the excitement wears off.

This fish has been caught a handful of times and I’m glad to have had a part in keeping tabs on him when I noticed the same gill plate on people’s pictures. He was caught between 44-46 lbs and my scale read him at 39.8 I believe. Obviously there could be lots of reasons for the lost weight. My scale was “light”, he’s on his winter diet, just getting old and digressing, etc. anyway, here he is!
A few disclaimers
1) this is not necessarily a “secret spot”, I’m just simply blurring out the background because I have a few buddies who are going to try and fish it this weekend, ice conditions pending. So that’s the reasoning for the blurred background.

2)I’m also not posing for a picture in the majority of these pics so those crazy facial expressions arent some staged stupidity. They’re screen shots from the video that I luckily had rolling! I think I’ll release it sometime in December.  ;D I would never hold a trophy lake trout by his gill plate like that, I was just simply lifting him out of the drink!


GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY!!!!!!  :o  Congrats on the absolute trophy!!!!!!!  I'da had a heart attack!  :clap:

Wow, congratulations!  Fish of a lifetime.  Can't fathom a fish of that size coming through an ice hole.

What a HOG!! Great fish trent. We'll be up this weekend but highly doubt we'll be in that area. Looking to get our last gorge camp trip for this season so we'll be north looking for better ice.


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