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So Special and I decided to leave winter and try a bucket list trip. We went to the Columbia River, hired a guide. We booked the "Trophy Walleye Trip". Special did most of the planning and research and what a job he did. Weather was in the 60's during the day and 30's at night. The first night we fished 5 hours and landed 7 walleye the two big's were 10.4 lbs and 11.6 lbs. Couple in the 7 and 8's. My 10.4 was 28" long. Also two giant carp that had our harts in out throat thinking it was a giant walleye.

Wind died day two and the plan was to fish from sunset to sunrise. We didn't catch anything until after midnight and most of the other boats out headed in. First fish was 9lbs then a few smaller males. On our 4th stop after about 200 feet I hooked a large fish. When landed it weighted 14.4 lbs. Our guide said we need to go back through there and we did and within 3 minutes the rod stopped again. My buddy reeled in a 15.5 lb walleye. We've fished together since the 80's and to have caught our two largest fish 10 minutes apart was truly amazing. 2 more 10lb walleyes were caught. with a couple small ones.


Damn nice!  Do you think a person can do it without a guide?

Yes! Plans are in the works! I would hire a guide for a day to learn the area. We took the southern WY, UT, ID, OR route home to see about towing a boat. Weather will be the nemesis. Cost was reasonable.

Appleye, mind if I ask ? who did your hire for a guide, what area of the Columbia River were you on? I only ask because, son attends the University of British Columbia and I will be flying out to help him pack up and drive back to Nebraska for summer break. We would love to have an experience like you had. Last spring we hired an excellent guide (Deadwood Outfitters) down in Idaho who got us into the infamous giant yellow perch on Lake Cascade. 


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