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Fort Peck Feb. 2-7 olefish, wyohunter, Cargo

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Fort Peck can be tough, sometimes she treats you well , other times not. Being prepared is an understatement especially if you are planning on living on the frozen slab.

If you evaluate the success of your trip by the numbers of fish or animals you harvest this trip would not be considered a successful trip.

If you evaluate your trip by the friendships you make, or by good food, great companionship, great conversations and living in the outdoors in Gods creation with people that love the outdoors as much as you do this would be considered a very successful  trip.

Here are a few pic's from our trip.


It was a wonderful time anhad a great learning experience.  Thanks wyohunter and cargo for being such great fishing partners.

Great job guys! Gotta love those long adventures!

Excellent work! Thems some slabs!


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