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Flasher batteries


Is there a way to hook my flasher and camera up to a drill battery and is it worth it? Thank you

hardwater diehard:
Which flasher and what battery platform?

hummingbird manual says that work on 12-20 volts, so in theory you could get away with an ebay adapter and fuse. But it's alot less cost effective if you don't already have 2-3 big 6+ah batteries

I use the Milwaukee system as well as both of their inverter boxes:




I use the second ($29) one with a little pigtail as an emergency backup if my Humminbird battery goes out.  It has a standard USB option also.  The first one is newer and far more capable with a 3-prong, USB-A and USB-C outputs.  I use this for general phone charging (USB-C is way faster; faster than plugged into the wall!) and for charging other peripherals such as my lighting system in my hub or in your case, a camera.  And ya, I'm a sucker for gear.



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