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If you were to take a look at the contour map below, what spots jump out to you as prime walleye spots? I’ve fished this lake for years trying to hone in on high probability areas, but never had much luck locating them through the ice. Any tips would be appreciated.

Have you tried on top of the shallow flats that are 6-8 feet? Walleye might not be there during the day, but don’t exclude the possibility; it’s a lot darker underwater in the winter than in summer. That saddle between the shallow flat and the reef might be attractive later in the season. If you know of substrate transitions or weeds try seeing if walleye are relating to them. Walleye also like to eat ciscoes, so if they’re present the walleye might follow them around the deep basins suspended, which could make them difficult to find but they’re pretty willing to bite if you can find them and they tend to be larger fish. Just some ideas to try. My advice is probably worth what you paid for it, though.

Yep - I usually see small schools of perch roaming on those 6-8ft flats in the winter, but haven't fished it for long sitting periods to really get a good idea of what else is swimming around that area. I've had success on those flats at night during the summer, but rarely night fish during winter so I haven't given it a proper go.

May have to get some more gear to accomodate a solid night trip on that flat this winter. Thanks for the tips, i appreciate it!!

Heading up this weekend to fish the area. Anyone else got any tips? With it being mid-winter I'm wondering if they've hunkered down in the 26' hole on the north end. Curious as to what others have experience fishing these types of lakes.

That Finger that comes down from the big flat.  Above where it says Clear Lake right above the 2 of the 12’ mark if that makes sense.

There is an inside turn there that looks like a natural funnel to that flat.  I would drill it out to try and find some kind of shelf around 25’ or so then slide up to the top of the flat as the sun sets.

Looks like a good after dark spot on top of the flat.


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