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Title: Early Ice Walleyes
Post by: hopper on Nov 07, 2005, 06:43 AM
First off thanks for the welcome back Scott, I'm never left just got done with walleye tourey's and the past season I was discovering different gill lakes in the area. There's alot of small hidden lakes with great gilling available. Anyways, I just grinding my teeth for the augers first grinding. "Early Ice Walleyes" I do start the season on the little known lake called Shawano, as you know it's one of the first lakes, being generally shallow to freeze, at least the bays and this is where I start. The northwest side of the lake is one of the first and if anybody knows Shawano lake, this area consist of weber's point, dick and Seiko's bay, and out from the campground just north of the outlet. This area generally runs from 3-4'- 8-10' and lots of weeds. How deep you can fish depends on the amount of ice your able to walk out to and on.  This fishing is a night bite, meaning getting there a good hour or two before dark not only to find safe passage, but to set up your stand. One should be set-up before the sun disappears, expect prior the sunset a few hammer handles to be around. Try to, when finding a location, set up over the weeds sometimes only two-three feet down over 6- 8' of water, with good weeds coming from the bottom. Spread your tip-ups as far away from each other, and as far away from traffic on the ice,(other fishermen, noise of anykind). I like to find among the weeds opening or clearings in the weeds itself, not that I want to get deeper, but to give the walleye more view of the frisky minnow wiggling it's tail, and flashing it's belly, tauting the walleye. Than once setup move away from the area as far away as possible yet within reach of the flags that will soon start popping. It helps with tip-up lights, this allows you to see the tip-up go off at greater distances. For more detailed ways to catch these finicky walleyes. E-mail ([email protected]) Hot bluegill jigs used on Shawano lake, forget the genz bugs, the big balls of spikes, wax worms are number one, my old stand by on the lake would be chartuse and hot pink #12 rat finicky. there are many others but this is a good starting jig for Shawano.
Title: Re: Early Ice Walleyes
Post by: madporider on Nov 07, 2005, 02:55 PM
good info i to fish shawano mostly during soft water i tend to fish for crappies and northerns havent had much luck with the eyes though.  I also fish the upper red in gresham it tends to be slow but if you fish hard you can expect a bucket of gills a few good pike and 4 to 6 # large mouths