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Anything other than tubes for Lakers!?

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the force:
I find it super hard to beat a 5-6” tube for lakers but canvassing the crowd prior to my next over nighter in BC.
 To date I’ve done best with big white or chartreuse tubes for fish >10lbs, however last year a big nasty trout n pout cleaned up the little guys (2lbs) and also pegged a 18lb while night fishing for ling.
I have a pile of spoons but haven’t really used them much, or had enough success to want to use them.
Whatcha all got for intel or ideas when they are ‘off’? Adding some eye candy as a bribe for intel lol.

Swim baits work great too. Just make sure they have stout hooks.

 Live target rattle bait never leaves my laker rod.

Rattlebaits, jigging raps, jigging spoons


 Ripple shad , blade baits


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