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Hi Folks. My name is Louis. My outfit, Chaumont Masters is a sponsor to the page and I wanted to reach out to you guys periodically about trips up to the bay, info and deals! For Cyber Monday thru this week I wanted to offer anyone here on shanty, especially Buffalo fans, a special deal! Anyone who books a weekday guided package will receive 300$ if the Bills win the Super Bowl! If your trip comes before the Super bowl you will be sent a $300 refund if they win. If its post Super Bowl you will be discounted $300! Im also going to to stack on another discount of 5% to the base price. Lastly, those just seeking lodging and snowmobile rentals I will offer 10% off!

Call, Text, Email or message me on here for any information.
Thanks guys!

[email protected]

Wow. Sweet deal there.....hoping to get up that way and chase the big eyes.


--- Quote from: VDueslerIV on Nov 29, 2022, 06:38 PM ---Wow. Sweet deal there.....hoping to get up that way and chase the big eyes.

--- End quote ---

Thanks, buddy! Now-until ice out is the time! We put a nice 31 1/4 incher in the boat today. You can check it out on our FB feed.

Man like the Bills angle! Snowing like mad here now in WNY!
Is the cooler filled with blues?

esox slayer:
Three Mile Bay Fire Company (3 miles west of Chaumont, NY) is raffling off a Snow Dog Sport B13MER.

Tickets are a 10 dollar donation, available at Chaumont Hardware, or off the Three Mile Bay Fire Company facebook page.

Drawing will be held on Super Bowl weekend at the close of the Town of Lyme/Three Mile Bay Fire ice fishing derby.

10 bucks for a shot at a $5000.00 machine.......


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