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larger tube jigs

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i was able to find a larger tube jig prbly 4" at a local store... but when i asked about a longer jig head to put in it they didnt have it... a regular jig head hook length would put the hook way up in the tassles... hard to get the minnow on and prbly hard for the fish to get too as well...anyone have a source for a longer hook model?  i dont even know if this bigger tube jig will bring more fish.. just thinking it will be more visible... ideas/suggestions?  this is for lakers by the way..

Look at buckeye lures and VMC also make a jig head that works good in that situation. 

Check any supplier like Tackle Warehouse, or Sportsmans Warehouse. They’ve got em!

wow tackle warehouse has all kinds of jig heads... if only i knew the proper name to search for...

…just put in a search for 4” tube jig jig heads.


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