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GREEN light for Laker night fishing?

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One of my buddies showed me a post on Facebook of a guy fishing with some sort of green light while night fishing for Lake Trout. It was very bright and it lit up the ice all around his hub- you could actually see it from outside his hub lighting up the ice underneath and all around it. Supposedly it works by attacting bait fish to the hole. Anyone use one, or seen it used?

Definitely not legal in my neck of the woods to use a light specifically for attracting fish... check your regs!

Ok- thanks. I wondered about that.

I've heard of this as well - haven't looked into it much though!

FG Steve:
Last year, I purchased a Quarrow 90-LED fishing light (see

I've used it once in open water on a trophy trout fishery (rainbows), and once on the ice on another trophy trout fishery (cutts/bows/hybrids/brookies), and am so-far not impressed.  There is no question that it attracts a cloud of zooplankton.  However, we've yet to see much action with it.  Seems like the fishing still gets quiet after dark, same as normal at those locations without the light.

One nice thing was we could see our jigs without using IR mode on the camera.

I plan to play with it some more, but so far I'm not to excited about the results.



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