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Oneida Lake Gashole GPS Coordinates - please post them here

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We have the discussion about gasholes on Oneida Lake every year. I thought I would start a thread and ask that anyone that has GPS coordinates for known gasholes post them here.

I have a couple marked on my GPS, I will post them when I get home.

Small gas hole as I reported on "oneida lake diehards" page.  N 43 14.149'    W 76 06.363'     South east of grren marker buoy 135. Very small gas hole. Area around this way point had honeycomb/ white ice with very little black ice.

Dusting this thread off. HT had a close call this weekend.

SE of Willard Island over 24 feet of water. 43.13.944N  -  75.56105W.


Missed this one by about 15' on a wheeler it was bubbling away about a mile out east of chapman park.

I am bumping this one back up since we are back on the ice.

Here is a video that Budman made where he spudded a hole right on a gas pocket.


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