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Everyone needs to read this...Especially newbies! (updated 12/27/17)


1.) It takes a minimum of 1 post to see the Reports and conditions board.

2.) If you do not see something you want to know about on the first page of the general board, you have 2 options:

            A.)  Go onto page 2, then 3, 4.... until you find what you are looking for; or
            B.) Use the search function because there is a
                  great chance that there is already 20 different threads on what ever topic you are looking for.

3.) On the Reports and conditions board....Only post conditions of the ice.  We don't need idle chit chat. If you want to B.S. about a lake,
      take it to the general board please.

Thank You
NY moderator   


People need to remember that:
1.) This is a private site owned by one person. The mods are volunteers doing our best to keep the site along our boss's ideas.
2.) It is   the .com means its a business and thus like any other business, it is out to make money, especially through sponsorship
3.) If you owned a business, would you want people advertising their business for free?  Yes we talk about different products but when someone starts pushing their product over and over, that's free advertising.
4.) Again, is Free to our members because of our Paid sponsors! (Thanks guys  :clap: )
5.) If you don't like the way is run, you have every right to not visit it.  There are other sites out there(though not as good).

Thank you for your time.
NY Moderator


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