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Ok, i created this on Myfishfinder but since winter is coming, ill post it here

using lists and other sources, i have compiled a map of bait shops in ny.  I know some place might be out of business, some new ones, and many i have not added yet.  just reply to this with the address, name, and a comment on it if you can (make sure you give me an exact address please, even better a link to it on google maps) and i will add/modify/remove it asap
so basically, whenever you see a correction to be made, place to add, remove, etc, just post it here and i will fix it as soon as i can.

and if anyone wants to become a permanent worker on this, pm me and we'll talk.  time is scarce for me, so it would be appreciated

Oh, and i'm Fishman on mff
Due to some comments, i am adding this.
1) no second hand reports please, only if you have been there yourself
2) adress, name, phone number (website if there is one)
3) for those promoting their own business, NO ADVERTISING!!!!! part of rules of the site. 
    just your contact info and simple list of some of the supplies. 
once again, NO ADVERTISING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Fat Nancy's

3750 State Route 13 - Pulaski N.Y. 13142
Toll Free Phone: 1-877-801-FISH(3474)
Phone: 315-298-4051,-95.677068&sspn=37.273371,67.412109&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=3750+New+York+13,+Pulaski,+Oswego,+New+York+13142&z=16

Nick94 thank you for your time and effort in putting this list together.Below is four more shops I did not see on your list. Also last I knew Mountian Bait and Tackle in Liberty,NY. was out of business.

  Fur,Fin& Feather sport shop LLC
  109 DeBruce Rd. Livingston Manor,NY. 12758 (p.o. box 757)  phone 845-439-4476
   Sports-Nuts Inc.
    250 Rock Hill Drive  Rock Hill,NY. 12775   phone 845-794-2000     Website www.sportsnutscatalog. com

    Tom's Bait Shop
     729 Prosperous Valley Road  Middletown,NY. 10940  phone 845-733-4642  (The address maybe for postal use the shop is closer to Bloomingburg,NY. then Middletown )

       Not Just Bait
       1367 State Route 49   Constantia,NY. 13044 phone 315-437-3849  (Eddie Sardella  proprietor)


Bayside Bait & Tackle is closing.
the one at 1350 Empire Blvd Irondequoit NY

he's having a very big sale right now though.




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