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Bait shop in Scottsbluff with good minnows


We will be going through Scottsbluff on Jan 23, 2023 on our way to Box Butte Reservoir.  Would like to get some live minnows before we get to the lake.  Thanks.

Welcome to the forum demps1! I've never bought minnows in the 'Bluffs but I've seen a "bait" sign on a building west on hwy 26 toward Mitchell on the south side of the tracks kinda just south of where the cemetary is. Haven't fished Box Butte for several years but when I did I always had to go to Alliance to get minnows. Lotsa smaller Northerns then but did see a 20 pounder a feller caught just as we were pulling into Hunters Point one day. He was using frozen Smelt he got from a grocery store. Hope this helps. BTW if ya add a location we might be able to offer more custom help. Good luck at Box Butte and have a great and safe season!

Bait shop #308-631-5844 Call ahead set time to meet. he is not open all the time


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