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5 favorite walleye lures

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this worked so well with perch i thought i would give it a shot on walleye.  try to be specific with sizes


--- Quote ---try to be specific with sizes
--- End quote ---

Yeah, nice try, you need to figure somthing out for yourself... ;)

1) Chubby Darter
2) Buckshot Spoon (with dropper)
3) Pimple
4) Jiggin Rap
5) Frostee Spoon

alright thats fair 

Master Angler:
You tell me yours then I'll tell you mine.   ;D  I iced three this evening on one of my favorites.

My son and I put 23 walleyes in the freezer the past 4 days fishing hour and half a night.From shore no ice yet but good fishing  .


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