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Best boots to ice fish in?

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Looking forward to what I hope is a good ice eyar. In the market for some new boots as mine are old, worn and when out on the ice last winter I almost always finished the day with wet feet.

Looking into the "Muck Boots Arctic Ice Extreme Conditions Tall Rubber Men's Winter Boot With Arctic Grip Outsole" and then also the "SOREL - Men's Blizzard XT Insulated Winter Boot". I have always been a Sorel guy but looking to maybe change it up if the Muck Boots are what people reccomend.

Both are rated for -40 degrees. The Muck Boots I know are 100% waterproof all the way up the leg where as I am not positive the SORELs offer that same protection. I know the Sorels I have now do not but that could be becasue they are old and worn.

What are you all rocking? Open to other suggestions. Price doesnt matter too much and ok with spending up to $200. I am really looking for the best boot for the job at keeping my feet warm and dry and will last for many seasons. I typcially do a day or two snowmobiling and other than that the only other time I'd be wearing them is snowblowing/shoveling in the winter months.


TONS of information HERE

The link points back to all the past conversations, about boots, on Ice Shanty so you don't have to go digging:)

Hoo boy! Like anything else on here, you're gonna get opinions and suggestions out the arse. Me? I prefer to Google. Check the ratings, etc. But even they can be biased. You just hafta' "filter" through some of it. Personally? I like my Bogs Bozemans but haven't seen many on here speak of them. About $150, rated at -70* , waterproof, lightweight, easy on- easy off. And they keep my 66 year old toes nice and toasty. So there's my "suggestion ".  ;)

Deal Ninja:
Korkers Polar Vortex 1200 are my everyday ice boots.  I also have a pair of -148° rated Baffin Shackletons if we ever have another winter like ‘13-‘14, but they are humongous, only for extreme conditions.

I have the previous iteration of these boot, the TundraJacks.  Love them.  Super light, warm and have built in carbide ice studs.  If you go to the Moosejaw site via Active Junky, you’ll save an additional 12% or about $170ish total.




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