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  When will be your first day on safe ice  ?    I think I will be on my "secret hole"  Dec 23rd or maybe the 21st ?

I predict there will be more ice than I have time to fish...   ;)    ;D

hardwater diehard:
This day the 15th of November 2019 was forming on my local ponds edge ..same year December 20th had travelable ice on that same pond . This year had a coating of snow today ...we may get ice to fish on by Christmas ..but the first week in January is usually the kick off.

usually first week or 2 of January and I make my first journey north for lakers

Last year I was fishing lake george in late december out of my kayak, hope this years it is better.

My early ice spots usually have ice by the end of November which I am hoping for but I'll play it safe and predict ice by the first or second weekend on December.


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