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Ramp 23:
Anyone have success with walleyes on polars ? And if so what trip setting & terminal tackle ? J

I've caught hundreds of walleye on polars. I usually use the heavier trip setting but that is because I am usually also fishing for Northern and in windy situations. I would probably go with the lighter setting if I was only fishing eyes.

I know you were asking about Polars. But might I suggest the ETU-10 from HT for the 'eyes? Large spool and easy tension setting. Perfect for those light bite, gun shy critters. I like 'em a lot. I set them up with Masons Ice Free tipup line with 8-10# fluoro leader ( I like Seaguar Inviz-X) and a size 12-14 treble hook. Little to no weight. Just my .02.

Ramp 23:
Thanks for responding & will look into cross style

This video was posted on IS somewhere before, it has some good tips on setting the Polars that could be helpful. It starts at 10:45 but the whole video is pretty good stuff.


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