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--- Quote from: burtmcgurt on Oct 05, 2021, 11:11 AM ---I don't think anyone I fish with uses treble hooks on their tip-ups.  This could be a regional (Maine) approach since most the videos I see on youtube from out west or Canada seem to use treble hooks.

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I use circles for pike on tip ups. After the flag, I let them run , stop ,and and maybe jiggle the line to get them to take off again. Once they run  again ,  I hold the line ,and walk backwards to drive the hook in ,usually in the corner of the mouth .

I have replaced quite a few trebles with singles on the lures I use on open water. IMO I get a better hookup with single hooks. For the same amount of force behind a hook set it makes sense that one single point will sink deeper into the fish than 2 or 3 on a treble. Also a lot easier to untangle from a net.

I'm going back to single hooks this season, especially with the smaller minnows. I've seen too many pike on my camera that grab my bait and drop it, and they don't even take any line, so it's not resistance from the line. If they're not feeding aggressively, it's amazing how many just bump or mouth the minnow and let it go. Maybe I'll give circle hooks a try

#2 Gamakatsu wide gap finesse hooks for me.


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