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What have you lost in the hole?

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It was just a matter of time. Perfect day on Oneida. Had it dialed in. 5 perch on the ice with waves coming thru every 10-15 minutes. Got up to step out of the shanty to stretch my legs and heard something fall. “What was that”? Hmm, where’s my phone? Glanced at the screen and saw a big object racing to the bottom. Yup, lost the phone. Ironically getting a new phone delivered tomorrow so no big loss. Would have kept on fishing but didn’t want my wife to worry when she couldn’t get a hold of me for the rest of the day. What about you? What fell down your hole?

Phone almost made it this year, but luckily didn't bounced. When my daughter was little lots of ice scoops went to the bottom, a few jigs and spoons due to kids burning the line on the heater and me not seeing it.

1 shale bar used as a spud  to the bottom and a friend's glasses  this year , can't  wait for next year!

I have 3 phones on bottom of saratoga lake. 2 through ice and 1 open water. I'm a slow learner i guess

Lost my phone on Lake George a couple weekends ago. Saw it sink to the bottom with the action of a good spoon. Even had the background pic of my family lit up as it went 40’ to the bottom. I ordered a floating waterproof case that night.


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