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Where to begin looking?


I have access to several unique lakes that have walleye in them.  The reason why I call them "unique" is because they are not very deep (25') & have little to no structure in them.  Basically, they are like a big sandy bowl of water.  There are a few areas with transitions & points, which I would think would be the best areas...but wanting to know if I should also focus on other areas during the winter?

What’s the forage base?  Points are always a good start. Any structure, wood, rock, bushes. It there’s not much then the structure could be real good.

ice dawg:
You just described most of our South Dakota lakes. Walleye spend some time using structure, but they also spend time cruising flats feeding on Perch and other smaller fish. When I fish for Perch on flats I always catch Walleye when they swim through the area.


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