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We did good this weekend as shallow as 8 feet and as deep as 45

Any of yíall gonna be out there this weekend for the SCO?

Bushwhack Jack:

--- Quote from: kwackkillncrew on Jan 06, 2021, 11:22 AM ---any where from 15-40 feet i would say. look for breaks off of points

--- End quote ---

Hey man, if you want company the next time you go I would love to join you.  I've only fished big lake a handful of times but I would like to get more familiar with it.  It's a great resource close to home.  I just haven't taken the time to figure it out.  I'd say I would offer to bring some whitefish to share, but I know bait is illegal in Big lake.  Perhaps I can bring a six-pack instead.  LOL


--- Quote from: DucksAndDogs on Jan 08, 2021, 12:16 AM ---Any of yíall gonna be out there this weekend for the SCO?

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I did that tournament a few years ago and was a little displeased with how they wanted us to handle the fish.  I never lay a fish on the ice that Iím releasing and thatís how they wanted us to photo and measure the fish.  This was like the second year they did the SCO so maybe they do a better job now.  Unless you have panoptix itís almost pointless to enter because the guys with livescope dominate the tournament by a wide margin.  I think for tournaments they should be banned and I know in the lower 48 they are because it gives guys with money and no fishing skills an unfair advantage.  However I will be buying a livescope in the near future but I wonít be entering any comps because I do feel itís cheating.  Thatís just my opinion so take it for what itís worth.

Hahaha.  I was looking at it and they have the measuring troughs now.

I have a Livescope and considered doing it, but committing to five out of the next ten saturdays is a tall order with a four year old and a nine year old at the house.


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