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Double drill...

Have you ever been in the situation where you've got a big fish on the line your drag is screaming as the fish is peeling off line and you think to yourself man I wish I had a smaller hole?
Yeah, me neither.
Or you rented a cabin up in the mountains and you've legally left your burbot lines out overnight. When you come back in the morning you can tell you've got a decent fish on one of your lines and as you're digging out the snow from your hole in the below zero temps and you're thinking to yourself boy I'm glad we used the smaller auger?
Yeah that's never happened to me either!
I've been in both of those situations many times and I'm definitely glad I had a big enough hole every time it's happened.
For my overnight burbot sets I always bring the ten inch auger and pack the holes with snow to keep them from freezing as much as possible.


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