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 I've only ever owned a jiffy model 30,every year I keep saying that when it dies i will get a new gas auger or possibly an ION unit. The problem is that this jiffy just won't die. Yes it stinks and its heavy/loud but it will start every time guaranteed.Even when a bunch of us go and everyone has new augers I bring mine because I know it will start.

 So I'm just wondering if others would like to share their good and bad auger experiences,no one wants to buy a junky one.

I have a 1999 Jiffy Model 30 also and it is a sure start every time.  Last night I was told I should be getting rid of my "old junk auger" by a guy who has 4 newer augers, 1 gas, 1 propane and 2 electric.  He carriers all 4 because "just don't know which will work when I get there". 

nice,I am in the same boat,I just can't believe that a new one will be more reliable.mine is probably 16-17yrs old.They are not the fastest or lightest but I know it will start.I would like to upgrade to a lighter unit and am waiting to read some reviews before I go and buy another.It sure seems there is a lot of yellow jiffies for it because they sell way more or are they junk?I have heard the propane units are junk when its real cold and if I get a new ION to get the newer one with reverse and because the gear box is better.

take a look at the strikemaster 40V, I think you will be impressed cuts well

I know a few people who bought the electric augers when they first came out.  It was all the rage.  They have gone thru them and even more since then.  Some people went back to the gas augers, new and improved.  Then they got rid of those and got other brands or what ever famous comes out next.  At $300 to $500 a pop each time, or the ION X8 for $640.  I'll stick with mine that cost $145 new in 1999.

I am more into the durability and reliability than flash and fast.  I'm not racing anyone.  I still use the original blades, I had bought new ones but they only lasted to the first rock.  The original blades just need tuning each season to polish the oxidation off.  Razor sharp.

A young guy went out with me a couple of years ago and I tried his new Eskimo or something.  Sure had some drilling power but he paid close to $550 for it and now he is looking for a new one since this one is obsolete.... and is getting old?  Wonder what he thinks about me....being old guy.  To each his own.


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