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We caught some catfish, walleye and perch out of the boat this summer. Nothing of any size. I want to try it on the ice . I know there are a few musky left but has anyone ever caught pike out of here? Everything i have read says there is but have never heard of any. Thanks!

Keith Walters:
From the Nebraska Game and Fish stocking report, looks like they stocked 3,000 fingerlings and around 150 averaging around 22" in 2015. If I was going to fish Oliver, I would use a short 20# fluorocarbon leader to help so they don't bite off my Jigging Raps.
By the way, I checked the ice near the fishing pier about 1:00 this afternoon and found about 4" of pretty hard ice. Be careful if you go.  Take your spud bar and be safe.
Good Fishing,

 Waterbody   Date   Species   SizeCat   Size   Number   County   Region
Oliver Reservoir   3/18/2015   Northern Pike   Fish   22   70   Kimball   Northwest
Oliver Reservoir   3/18/2015   Northern Pike   Fish   22   10   Kimball   Northwest
Oliver Reservoir   3/19/2015   Northern Pike   Fish   20   81   Kimball   Northwest
Oliver Reservoir   5/27/2015   Northern Pike   Fish   3.2   3000   Kimball   Northwest

Hunt n Fish:
Went Saturday from daylight until about 3:00. Caught a 6 walleye, a few crappie and a catfish. Also caught over a dozen carp. Marked fish all day.  Ice was 4.5-5 most places but there were a few spots under 3.  Fished on the east end of the reservoir.

You jigged up carp? On what?

Hunt n Fish:
Swedish pimple tipped with a meal worm mostly.  Pulled an eye from a crappie I caught to see if I could keep the carp off and maybe entice a walleye but I think the carp liked that even more.


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