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Oliver Reservoir

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Hunt n Fish:
I went by there Monday. There was about 4” by the boat ramp and the whole lake was frozen but the ice didn’t look very good.
Lots of water on top and open around the edges. There were 2 guys fishing over where the creek comes in. I would think if it didn’t open up yesterday it would be fishable this weekend though  Would appreciate a report if anybody goes out there in the next day or two.

Keith Walters:
I drove by Oliver on the way home from Cheyenne today.  Looked to be a big area of open water mid lake. The west end looked walkable, but as always, take your spud bar.  I didn't drive in far enough to see the area near the dam.  With open water mid lake, I would be skeptical of the east end.  Colder weather this coming week should help.
Good fishing and stay safe,

Hunt n Fish:
Anybody have any recent ice reports on Oliver?

Hunt n Fish:
8”-10” of ice on the west side of Oliver. East side is mostly open water.

Did you catch anything? Fished it a few weeks back and only had carp swim through.


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