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best place for perch??

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twin lakes or the diversion? how is the action? goin fishin for sure monday want to have a fish fry later that night! can you  giver out there in a 4x4? last year i drove out the div in my chev- how deep is the snow?

Trophy Hunter:
Scottsdale should be great perching at either place but as far as driving a truck on the ice not a snowballs chance in h*ll :)

that sucks! i was at twin lakes 2 years ago and drove out.
i got locked diffs, 35"s and 350 hp im gonna try and rip out there lol! 8)

perch pounder:
Getting out there is not a problem . Getting  yourself unstuck and getting back in is the hard part  ;D

With this warm weather the snow will soften up and it will be even harder to move  :-\

Another spot folks have been suggesting taking the kids is Hnausa north of Gimli.  The access is easy and the perch plentiful.  I don't recall comments about size, but numbers are supposed to be good.


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