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What tungsten jigs would you guys suggest for crappie and panfish? And what kind of plastics do you guys have success with?? I feel that I spot fish a lot on my marcum but I guess I don't have the skill when it comes to jigging properly??

My favorite tungsten jigs are the Chekai (black/glow spots), Majmun (glow brite) and Glazba (chartreuse tiger glow).

For plastics, my go to is the Gulp Alive Minnow 1Ē smelt. It can be a bit of a hassle compared to some of the other plastics since they are in a jar of liquid, but itís been worth it for me.

If the Gulp minnows arenít working, spikes seem to.

A few important points about fishing these tungsten jigs...

You need to make sure they are hanging horizontally. If you get a hit or catch a fish, chances are it will be hanging more vertical. In that case, you need to hold the jig head in one hand and pull the line towards the hook tip to get it to hang horizontally.

You should use 2lb or 4lb test. The lighter the line, the less apt the jig is to spin like a tornado. You may want a swivel. I like the size 14 P-Line Hi-Speed Treble (9lb strength, the 20lb are good too) swivels a couple feet above my jig.

Make sure you charge the glow on the jigs regularly. I have a couple of flashlights secured to my seat and/or ice suit that I use to charge my jigs. My success rate goes up noticeably with a charged jig. Iíve read a black light provides a stronger/faster charge for the glow in the dark stuff, so I do have a black light flashlight too.

If the tungsten jigs arenít working, you might try a small Hali jig with a spike or small piece of worm.

Good luck.

I rail crappie on 3 or 4mm tungsten jigs with little atom micro black,motoroil or tadpole.this year ive caught no less than 20 each time out during morning/daylight.nightime i switch to a bb splitshot,size 18 micro treble wih a emerald shiner.first 20 years of icefishing all i targeted was specks.

I love the Acme 2mm tungstens for panfish. I've had good results on basically any of the striped or spotted patterns with waxies, a nibblet of nightcrawler, or little 3/4" artifical fry. Not many crappies where I fish, but very effective on bluegills and sunfish, and occasionally a bass or catfish whacks them, too.

I know you asked about tungsten jigs, but jigging a lure doesn't have to be tungsten.  It's more of the rod and the rod tip.

A more stiff rod will impart more action and that is sometimes what you want for like a Jigging Rap.  However too harsh of a jig stroke and it makes the Jigging Rap spook the fish.  There is a motion to lift and quiver the lure.  If you're unsure of that motion, I suggest do a side to side shake on the rod and lift up your elbow.

There is also the finger tap onto the rod blank.  It often will impart a little shiver onto the lure.

Depending on the jighead type and how one actually line ties, there are also subtle differences in jig effects.  I personally often use a snap to so allow the jig rock back and forth more so.  I will tie direct to prevent the jighead from swinging because I want to impart the action onto the plastic.

There are vertical jigs and horizontal jigs.  Horizontal jigs I like are like Northland Bloodworms or Mimic Minnows.  Vertical jigs I like are Northland Forage Minnow or CJS Demon Jigs.  I still like my round head lead jigs, they work just fine for me.  Those VMC neon mooneye jigs, I like.

For the most part, I'm not good with soft whippy tips so I avoid them for jigging, but more so reserve them for dead sticking and sometimes I have to jig the dead stick.  It gives it more so the soft lift and more fluid movement while jigging.


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