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Newbie questions


St. Lawrence River Guy:
I've never targeted crappie but one of the only areas with ice in my area is known for them.

So, could I ask for some feedback to better my odds?

Best time of day (first or last light?)
jig/plastic or minnow tipped jig (like a swedish pimple)
depth (slightly stained bay with water ranging from 8-10 feet)
Do you need any special tools (underwater lights, glowsticks)
How frequently do you move?
Tips for drawing them in?


Pike legend:
Minnow head on a hali.        Ull clean up on em.    Depths 8-15.     Mostly a day bite

hardwater diehard:
Fishing  in the basin..mid season can be deadly .Tip downs w/minnows can be used to decoy them in and see which way the school is moving . White jigs w/pink or red plastics ...or vice versa with bait but  got to be flexible with the bait.. whole minnows ...minow heads ...waxies and spikes/maggots ..depends on what "your ' crappies prefer. On some lakes you could not give a minnow away ...other lakes the only thing that will get them is a minnow . Flexibility . Night fishing is my go to crappie the basin ..they seem to turn on right before sunset ...then a lull for an hour or more then can pick up for hours ..drill all your holes early and get your equipment ready ...lights camera action plan .

Uppervalley Kid:
When do you transition to from basin <---> Structure? Any differences in approach? Im predominately a trout guy but have started target crappie in the last year or so.


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