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Thoughts on crappie locations on this 23acre lake.

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Structured areas


Lake depth areas.

Just wanted to get some opinions ideas on where you guys would hunt/look for crappies on this small lake.

We have done fairly well.....and got are teeth kicked in on days. Some days I swear they left the lake...

Just thought I'd get some thoughts from the pros

hardwater diehard:
Not a Pro by any means ...but fishing by time of year is good advice ..first ice ...mid winter ..late ice . mid winter usually means basin ..the deepest waters but pockets of deep water can be good too all season they may slide into them during barometric changes . Shallow spawn areas ..northern shore would be my late season choice  but basically shallow first ice and last ice . The  shallow flats are tough as the fish a roaming and spread out ...which means either your staying put or you got to keep moving as the fish roam . But on the flats anything different is good whether it be structure or bottom composition and bottom contour changes hump..depressions  etc. But if I had this map and were fishing early ice and returned through out the season I would start off in the larger parking area/boat launch fish the flats and gradual deeping water area at first ice heading west toward the basin as the season progresses.  Then from the basin out to the shallows as they move to spawn .

What are all the plot points ? Fish species ?

We mainly ice fish it.

The points on the first one is the Brush piles of deader trees and tires and stuff.


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