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Crappie Jig size


           Does size really matter LOL.Really what size hooks do u need for crappie jigs .Last nite I was missing more than catching I think the jig size was too small. They were size 10 on a small glow jig and they seemed to be pulling out of their mouths .I could feel them on 4 a few seconds then gone. Thx

Personally I think the size of the jig is determined by how active the crappies are biting.  I have caught crappies on bare size 6 walleye hooks and then I had to use a 1/64th oz glow jig tipped with a waxworm and jig the crap out of it just to get them off the bottom.

To answer your question it all depends upon what the fish are doing.  I just make sure that I have an assortment of jigs of different sizes/colors and I have at least 3 rods rigged up differently so I can switch back and forth faster.

Just to repeat what MN said... I alwyas have more than one rod rigged up with a different color and style.  Let the fish tell you what is working and what isn't.  This is easier if you use eletronics. If you are seeing a lot of fish on the eletronics and not getting takers, its time to make a change!  If you just not seeing fish peroid.. its time to make a move!


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