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what's the best time?

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Can some one give me a suggestion when the best time is to go for crappies. It might depend on what lake but can you still give me a time..thanks
Keep them coming :'(
MR. Ice Fishing

Really too many factors to name, your asking an almost imposible question!... HOWEVER, I will do my best to shed a little light on the situation.

In most lakes in where the visibility is bad do to water clarity, you can have some very good DAY bites... where just after sun up till about 9am can be great.. In clear body of water, this is not as frequent.  In clear bodys of water you are better off fishing the evening bite.  From sundown till 3-4 hours after?

Other things that will change this will be weather.  Weather can greatly change when crappies feed.  Also, if there is any kind of larvae hatch.  Food will change when crappies feed also.

To answer your question the easiest, the best time to go is when you can!

Thanks a lot. I thought it would be hard but I was looking for any thing that can help me out
MR>Ice fishing
keep them coming :'(

Hey Mr icefishing,
I fish a clear water lake and for me it's after dark on cloudy nights. If I can see stars, the bite is shy. Good luck.

I fish a moderately clear lake and I catch any time of the day the trick is finding the fish. The fish that I have been catching have been in between 10 A.M. and 3 P.M. Have to take the kids and pick them up for school usually so my time is some times limited.  Try distinctive changes in the lake  creek channels, dropoffs, timber and always stay positive and good luck.


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