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    Missed to many Crappie last nite .I was using small teardrops with size 10 hooks they seemed to be pulling rite out .What size hooks should I have on jigs 4 Crappie fishing.  
          Thx Jim C.

i use size 12-14 and they do a good job

A no. 12 is good. REmember don't horse them in, especially when they get into the hole. VERY thin mouths.  T.K.

Fat Boy:
Favorites for night bites:  

Size 8 demon glow orange tipped with waxies or maggots - simply awesome.  Techniglo red fat boy size 10 tipped with anything.  Techniglo red fat boy size 8 tipped with small minnows...don't set your rod down! ;)

Day bite crappie:

Marmooska jigs size 14 orange or chartreuse tipped with maggots or a small size Custom Jigs n Spins finesse tail in chartreuse or white.  Go smaller to size 16 if they are there and won't hit.

Big Marmooska bright colors tipped with anything.

1/80 oz. chartreuse jighead tipped with a small size Custom Jigs n Spins finesse tail in chartreuse or white.

Let the fish tell you what they want.  If they nip the bait leaving your jig clean, scale down.  If they hit but don't feel like the hook is pricking their mouth, scale down.  If they nip the bait and it's there when you bring the jig up and you know that you pricked that fish, try a bigger hook.  All this depends, of course, of the size of the fish in the school.  Many times they are so agressive that they crush your bait and it doesn't matter.  Other times they are finicky sucking your bait in and spitting it out without even knowing that you had a bite - these are the times to use a bigger hook.  When they nip your bait to taste it without fully sucking it in, then scaling down is better so that the entire jig and bait enters their mouth.  How do you know?  If they are suspended and you look down the hole, often you can watch your jig.  You may not see the fish but you can see the effect on your can get one of those cameras!!! ;)

ahhhhhh........don't listen to fat boy ::).......he catches to many fish already :o just kidding......about catching too many fish ;) He taught me a lesson over the weekend......I was fishing to big and needed to scale down cause they were not interested in the bigger bait.......try 14 thru 16 during daylight then switch to larger glow jigs for the evening bite. Works for me :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(


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