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Crappie moved?


Ive been fishing a small pond for about a month now catching some nice crappie suspended in the deep water but now all i can catch is 7-9 inchers anyone have any idea on where the bigger ones went?  think there moving to structure or their spawning grounds this early?

well many things could have effected where the crappies are.  How much snow cover, water temp,  If the snow is melting.  Could be that since it is a small pond you got all the big dumb ones.  Crappies also tend to move around alot.  well keep looking and good luck. it is pretty tough to give a good reason without being in the area and knowing what is going on.

well about half the fish ive been marking i catch from each school that im reading and none of them have been anything over 9 inches anymore i dont know illjust have to move around more i guess and find where the big ones went thanks for the help


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